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NIHCM: What Is Driving the Growth in Private Insurers’ Payments for Hospital-Based Care?

What Is Driving the Growth in Private Insurers’ Payments for Hospital-Based Care?


Why This Study Is Important

Health care spending for privately insured individuals in the U.S. grew nearly 20 percent between 2007 and 2014 after adjusting for inflation. While previous research suggests that rising provider prices play a very important role in this spending growth, no prior work has examined the distinct contributions of hospital versus physician price growth. This study uses data on the actual prices allowed by several national insurers to document the pace of growth in hospital and physician prices for hospital-based care. Better understanding the sources of provider price growth can help to target public and private efforts to slow rising health spending for privately insured patients.

What This Study Found

  • Between 2007 and 2014, hospital prices grew much more quickly than did physician prices for care provided in the inpatient and hospital outpatient department settings. For all inpatient care, hospital prices grew by 42 percent compared to 18 percent for physician prices. For hospital outpatient care, the price growth rates were 25 percent for hospitals and 6 percent for physicians.
  • The same pattern was observed for four common hospital-based procedures. For Cesarean-sections, vaginal deliveries, and knee replacements, hospital prices grew approximately 6.5 to 7 times more quickly than physician prices. The differential was less pronounced for colonoscopies, but hospital price growth still outpaced physician price growth for this procedure.
  • With hospital prices growing more quickly and accounting for a larger share of total spending to begin with, this sector was responsible for the vast majority of the growth in the total price of care for hospital-based care. Depending on the service, hospital price growth accounted for 77 to 97 percent of the growth in the total price for the care.

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