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Enforce Federal Price Transparency Laws for Hospital Charges

Why this matters

Transparency in pricing increases accountability, drives competition, and empowers patients with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Studies show hospitals markup prices by 300% on average, so it’s no surprise hospitals continue to cling to pricing structures that keep their prices hidden from patients. 

Better Solutions for Healthcare supports the enforcement of federal transparency laws and harsher penalties against hospitals that refuse to comply.  Currently, fines for noncompliance are negligible – well below the added revenue hospitals rake in through inflated prices hidden from public scrutiny. Expanded oversight policies are critical toward ensuring hospital prices aren’t kept in a black box, uninfluenced by true market pricing trends.

Pricing abuses in healthcare cost American workers an estimated $240 billion in wasteful spending each year.


Enforce Federal Price Transparency Laws

$240 Billion

in estimated wasteful spending each year due to pricing abuses in healthcare costs

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