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Rein in Hospital Price Markups

Why this matters

The prices that healthcare systems charge for medical tests and procedures should reflect their cost, efficacy, and quality, not whatever hospitals think they can get away with. A majority of hospitals markup medicines between 200% or more, and more than half of hospitals markup medicines between 200-400%. These markups have contributed to hospital prices rising year over year, which have skyrocketed 31% since 2015 alone. 

Better Solutions for Healthcare supports policies to lower the costs of prescription drugs by limiting hospital systems’ influence over price markups and protecting the value of specialty pharmacies. In 2022, Better Solutions activated 6 state-wide campaigns to oppose proposed legislation that would eliminate specialty pharmacies and remove an essential tool that effectively makes healthcare costs more affordable for employers and hardworking American families. 

The majority of hospitals charge patients more than double their acquisition cost for medicines.


Rein in Price Markups

2x markups

on medicine from hospitals and insurers

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