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An advocacy organization dedicated to bringing together employers, consumers, and taxpayers to educate lawmakers on the rising cost of healthcare and provide ideas on how we can work together to find better solutions that lower healthcare costs for ALL Americans.

The Problem

Americans’ health care costs are rising at an unsustainable rate and employers, consumers and taxpayers are picking up the tab. Over the last ten years alone, the cost of providing employee coverage has increased 47% with hospitals serving as the number one driver of healthcare costs.

Its Impact

Business owners cite the escalating cost of health coverage as their #1 business concern. Over the last ten years alone, the cost of providing employee coverage has increased 47%. As employers continue to incur higher costs to provide coverage to employees, they’re faced with less money to reinvest in their businesses and making it harder to create more jobs within their communities. As health care costs continue their climb, the 178 million hard working American families who receive health coverage through their employers continue to pay the biggest price through lower wages and higher out-of-pocket costs.


Healthcare costs are growing at an unsustainable rate while waste, fraud, and abuse plague our healthcare system.

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