Only 25% of Hospitals Are Complying with the Price Transparency Rule

February 08, 2023 – Less than a quarter of hospitals are complying with the hospital price transparency rule over two years after the regulation went into effect, according to a report from The Fourth Semi-Annual Hospital Price Transparency Report reflects publicly available data from 2,000 hospitals in the US. Researchers assessed the hospitals’ websites from December 10, 2022, […]

Hospitals are hiding prices from patients, advocacy report says

The hospital price transparency rule, which took effect in January 2021, requires hospitals to publish machine-readable price lists and display rates for medical services in a format that allows consumers to comparison shop. Insurers are now required to disclose rates they negotiate with providers. In the first year after the hospital rule, studies evaluating compliance […]

How America’s Hospitals Are Hiding the Cost of Health Care

America’s health care system is built upon a lack of transparency.1 In most states, it is nearly impossible for individuals and families to compare the cost of health care services and procedures like they would when shopping for gas, groceries, or housing. This intentional lack of transparency confuses consumers, hides true costs, and drives up prices.2 […]

Axios: 1 big thing: Hospitals still aren’t complying with price transparency rules

By Tina Reed October 6th, 2022 Almost two years after a Trump-era price transparency rule took effect, many hospitals are flouting a requirement that they post the prices for common goods and services online — with little risk of facing penalties, Axios’ Victoria Knight writes. Driving the news: A new report shared with Axios shows […]