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Healthplan: Exorbitant Surprise Anesthesiology Bill Dizzies North Carolina Patient

January 28, 2021

A patient in North Carolina received a $15,000 surprise medical bill owing to a contract impasse between UnitedHealthcare and Providence Anesthesiology Associates. According to a WBTV report, Jenna Wolbert received surgical care at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C., between May and September 2020. The hospital was considered in-network under her UnitedHealthcare health plan, but anesthesiology was longer part of the insurer’s coverage.

Ms. Wolbert was billed $15,744.58 in the beginning of this year from Providence Anesthesiology Associates for anesthesia services provided during the procedures. The anesthesiology provider was no longer a part of UnitedHealthcare’s network as of March 1, 2020, according to Providence Anesthesiology Associates’ website. Ms. Wolbert maintained she was not made aware of this coverage change before her procedures.

In a statement provided to WBTV, Providence Anesthesiology Associates said it “is fiercely opposed to the surprise billing UnitedHealthcare initiated by unexpectedly dropping us from their provider network last year. We’re one of the numerous specialty practices throughout North Carolina and across the country that United has removed in an effort to increase their profits at the expense of patients. Providence is fighting on behalf of these patients by filing appeals with United and claims with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, and all our patients should know that we’re not asking for any payments until each individual situation is resolved.”